We at Frederick Roofing and Frederick Roof Repair have been doing quality installations of new roofs, gutters as well as roof repairs in the Rockville, Maryland area for as long as we have been in business. In order to make us more accessible to those living in this area, we created this website in hopes that it would help you locate us and consider us for your project.

Roofing should be broken down into two main categories in the mind of any homeowner when determining what their project entails. These two categories are roof repairs and roof replacements. Some companies are only willing to do replacements, while others only handle repairs. We at Frederick Roofing and Frederick Roof Repair are always willing to do both. More importantly, we do not see repairs as something of little worth to our company. We are not going to try and sell a roof to someone with minor repairs, or even major repairs in newer roofs. We will always seek to accurately reveal to you the state of your roof, but you are in charge when it comes to the scope of the project, and we respect that.

In all cases, estimates are free. Some repair estimates can be handled over the phone, as for instance when the homeowner has gone into their attic and has seen that the pipe collar is leaking. In most cases repairs will require on site inspection of damage, and in all cases roof replacement estimates require that we meet with you. Why is this? Full replacement of your roof requires that you collect both information on product as well as information on those who will do the work. For repairs, the fact that someone can accurately diagnose your need through questions over the phone and explain it to you in such a way as to convince you that they are right, is a good reason to hire them. They could not do this if they were not experienced. Hire the wrong company for a full replacement and you can find yourself spending a lot and getting little in return. A leaking roof is not a roof at all. Make sure that on your full replacement projects, you take the time to meet with your contractors. Let them lead with their presentation to get a feel for what they know about roofing. Make them prove themselves to you. Did they talk about installation or only product? Is the salesman a roofer? Only after they have shown you what they know should you ask those remaining questions that fill in any blanks.

This website is short. The best way to get to know us is to call and set up an appointment. If we do not answer, we might be on the roof. Please leave a message, and we will call you back as soon as we can. Our main website is Frederick Roof Repair. Take some time to visit us there where there is more to read, and you can learn more about the company and our philosophy.

Thanks for reading this far. We hope your roofing project, no matter how big or how small, will be taken care of by someone who makes you a priority. 

Stefan Mach, Owner